• Production Center

    The Production Department is responsible for manufacturing high-quality products for all CET Branches. There are altogether fifteen workshops that focus on machine processing, injection molding, fusers, sleeved rollers, heating elements, toner inlets, and so on. Using fully and semi-automatic production to create high-quality products, we invest a large amount of money each year to improve the production environment and equipment. With these efforts, we have established dust-free workshops for drum units, fusers, and films, as well as an automatic production line, an automatic spraying and baking line, and an automatic cartridge filling line. The production process strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system and, by adopting the ERP system, we can control PMC throughout the whole process. Our Production Department ensures our ability to provide safe, high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly products for all our clients.

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    Superior Production Teams

  • Toner Inlet Line

    We have both fully and semi-automatic production lines and imported toner inlet equipment, which make it possible to conduct mass production and various types of small batch production. Thanks to our Toner Inlet Line, we are a worldwide leader in toner cartridge filling precision!

  • Automatic Spraying Line

    We use completely automatic production processes for cleaning, spraying and baking, as well as data closed-loop control. With high production-efficiency, stable quality, and no environmental hazards, we provide high-quality and low-cost fixing rollers and fixing film products.

  • Molding and Machining Process

    We use fully-automatic precision injection molding machines, as well as a CNC machining center and an operating manipulator. With this equipment, we can provide the most reliable base materials and, as such, guarantee quality across all our workshops. In addition, it helps us to achieve multi-management goals on efficiency, precision and cost.

  • Assembling

    Our assembly line uses pipelined assembly production. To guarantee efficiency and quality, we have standard instructions and implement strict online testing. As such, we can consistently provide high-quality drum units, fuser assemblies, fusers, thermistors, and more!

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