• Testing Center

    CET Group's Testing Center is an important part of the organization. The Testing Center has a variety of responsibilities. Their primary responsibility is to work closely with the Resource and Development Department to test new products. This helps us to confirm that the product performs in accordance with the established specifications. Other responsibilities include testing/confirming production samples, QC testing of customer concerns, testing services to outside companies, company-wide training of on products and theory, maintaining company equipment, and staying current on cutting-edge technologies as they develop.

    Excellent Testing

  • Testing Equipment

    CET Group uses all the latest xerographic testing equipment. We can analyze and measure products from paper feed components to photoconductors. The Testing Center is equipped with over 600 machines that mirror major OEM equipment lines.

  • Testing Team

    The Testing Center is comprised of a group of professional testing technicians and engineers. The team carries out all new product development testing, R&D machine testing, production evaluations, and customer concern evaluations.

  • Third-Party Testing

    Because of the Testing Center's wide-ranging equipment, technical capabilities, and its many certifications, it can do quality testing for outside companies. Some of these tests include powder testing, dimensional analysis, environmental testing, stress and function testing, and printer and copier evaluation.

  • Testing Standards

    CET Group's Testing Center has many domestic and international standards and certifications. Certifications include ISO, CNAS, STMC, and many more. We use a combination of Chinese industrial and American testing standards (ASTM). Testing standards for all product testing is based on OEM product performance. All CET product dimensions, tolerances, and performance standards are based off the OEM.

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